Courses and Projects at BULSDS

The “Dermatosurgery Training Courses” and the “Fast Academic Growth” project will be transferred from to the Bulgarian Society for Dermatologic Surgery (BULSDS) (as the main executive body). will retain its key or primary role in the control of histological preparations and diagnoses, with vice chairman Dr. Ivan Terziev (as the main personage and consultant on the Bulgarian side regarding skin tumors and rare dermatological diagnoses).

The additional costs of forwarding the preparations to other or different (international or national) institutions will be accompanied by the payment of the relevant (pre-agreed and discussed with the patients) fees to the current account of will retain its rights and area of influence regarding the donations, and within a short time, each of the members of the founding board will come forward with proposals (interdisciplinary) for donations in the field of skin problems and neoplastic diseases (with different localization, depending on the specialty of each member of the founding board), namely: financing of books, monographs, surgical instruments, consumables for immunohistochemistry, financing of scientific events such as seminars, congresses, training courses abroad, etc. will retain its statutory rights to apply jointly under European projects within the framework of interdisciplinary collaboration with the international partners mentioned on the website or without their participation, as an independent body.’s priorities to fund young talents and support their qualifications will remain unchanged depending on the balance sheet and the investments received.


Prof. Dr. G. Tchernev