Krassimir Kirov MD, PhD is the Head of the Clinic of Onco-Dermatology, National Cancer Center – Sofia. He is born in Sofia, 1953. He finishes his Medical education at Charles University, in Prague.

In 1982 he started his professional career at the Clinic of Oncodermatology, National Cancer Center – Sofia, Bulgaria.

During 1984-1985 he specializes Onco-Dermatology at Ludvig – Maximilian’s University, Munich, Germany. In 1988 he finishes his specialization in Dermatology, in 1993 – in Oncology and in 1999 – in Surgery.

In 2009 he receives PhD for his doctorwork: “Sentinel Lymph node biopsies in melanoma patients”. In 2012 he has been nominated as Associate Professor. He is the author of chapters in six text books and of 47 publications in national and international journals. The main activities of the Clinic of Onco-Dermatology is the surgical treatment of various skin tumors, lymph node dissections and the sentinel lymph node biopsies.

The advanced stages of patients with cutaneous melanoma, non-resectable stage IIIc and IV stage are treated in the Clinic with innovative targeted therapy such as immunotherapy or specific therapy with check point inhibitors.