Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach: ʺWhat is New, Acquires Friends and Enemies, the New is rocking Old Interests!ʺ

Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach (1 February 1792 – 11 November 1847) was a German surgeon. He was born in Königsberg and died in Berlin. Dieffenbach specialized in skin transplantation and plastic surgery. His work in rhinoplastic and maxillofacial surgery established many modern techniques of reconstructive surgery. His endeavours comprehended subcutaneous operations such as tenotomy, the surgical division of a tendon. Before the discovery of blood typing and blood matching, Dr. Dieffenbach … Read More

15th World Congress of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology 18-20 June 2020!

Dear colleagues and friends, one year ahead the World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD) will be held in my hometown Dresden, Germany. This will be an unique experience of science, practical medicine, and communication in a unique setting full of history and modernity. I hope to see many, if not all of you at the congress venue – the International Congress Centre Dresden. … Read More

Aquaphor and Hansaplast in Bulgaria

Two remarkable brands with products sourced from the cooperation between pharmacology and dermatology In 1880, pharmacist Paul Beiersdorf acquired a pharmacy in Hamburg, Germany. Only two years later, his cooperation with leading dermatologist Prof. Paul Gerson Unna resulted in developing a medical plasters manufacturing process patented by the company. In a similar partnership, the Eucerit emulsifier was invented, leading to a revolutionary development of skin care. Today, for millions of … Read More

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