Prof. Dr. Sonya Borisova Sergieva, MD, PhD graduated from medicine in Medical Academy, Sofia in 1990.

During the period 1991-1994, she was a PhD student of nuclear medicine in the National Oncological Center, Sofia and has defended dissertation for the acquisition of a degree “doctor of medicine” in 1994 on the theme: “Nuclear medicine aspects in the diagnosis of malignant melanoma by means of radioimmunoscintigraphic methods”.

Prof.Sergieva has acquired specialty of “Nuclear Medicine” in 1994 and specialty of “Oncology” in 1998.

She worked as a senior scientific researcher in the the National Oncological Center till 2002. Prof.Sergieva has created and managed nuclear medicine department in Sofia Cancer Center (former ODOZS), Sofia in 2003. Her current possition is Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine by competition.

Since March 2013 year she is an associate professor of nuclear medicine, and since November 2015 – professor in Medical Academy, Sofia.

Prof. Sergieva has conducted a large number of specializations and training educational courses abroad (over 30) along the lines of the European School of Oncology-ESO, the European Association of nuclear medicine-EANM, the International Atomic Energy Agency-IAEA and others.

She is a member of the Bulgarian society of nuclear medicine, the Bulgarian society of Oncology, the European Association of nuclear medicine-EANM, American Society of nuclear medicine-SNMMI, of the International Association of women in nuclear energy (WIN), the World Association of radionukledna therapy (WARMTH).

Professor Sergieva has over 150 scientific publications in Bulgarian and foreign scientific periodicals, she has participated as a guest speaker at national and international scientific congresses.

Her main professional interests are in the field of nuclear oncology and radionuclide therapy of cancer.