Dr. Violetka Marinova Venkova graduated as a doctor at the Higher Medical Institute, Sofia in 1985.

She began in 1985 work in the city of Ruse in United Regional Hospital as a doctor.

From 1997-2005 works as a doctor in the IV – district Hospital for Active Treatment in internal diseases , Sofia.

In 2005 she was appointed as an Assistant at the Clinic of Chemotherapy, SBALO-EAD, Sofia as an Assistant in the Clinic since 2015. Consultant at the MHAT on Orthopedics – Sofia since 2014.

Since 2016 worked in the St. Ivan Rilski University Hospital, Clinic of Clinical Hematology and Medical Oncology.

She acquired a specialty in Internal Medicine in 1995, and in Medical Oncology in 2006.

In 2016 defended her thesis on “Toxicity profile and approach to optimize the safety and efficacy of treatment in patients with colorectal cancer”, Doctor of Oncology.

Since 2005 he is a member of Young Oncologist, BOND, ESMO and has attended most congresses during 2006-2019 in Europe and the USA. Co-founder of the Educational Academy of Oncology-2015.

She has co-authored textbooks on medical oncology, a guide for nurses and educational books, more than 30 publications in the country and abroad. Co-author of the Pharmacotherapeutic Guide to Medical Oncology.

She is interested in the targeted therapy of solid tumors such as breast cancer, colorectal and lung cancer, malignant melanoma, prostate cancer and more.