Dr. Ivan Pidakev graduated his medical education in 1995 at the Medical Univeristy in Plovdiv,Bulgaria. From 1999 to 2003 he specialized General Surgery at Institute for emergency medicine “Pirogov”, Sofia and graduated it in 2004.

In the period 2004-2005 he works as a sport medicine doctor in the National team of wrestling and later on in the Boxing Club of CSKA.

He is one of the establishers of the Bulgarian Diabetic Foot Association.

From 2008 to early 2014 he works and specializes as a cardiac surgeon at National Heart Hospital, Sofia.

In 2014 he starts working as a surgeon in the Medical Institute of the Ministry of Inferior. From 2017 he is a PhD student with the theme of work “ Complex treatment of Diabetic Foot”.

His interests are focused in the fields of Dermatologic Surgery, Dermatologic oncology, Diabetic Foot, Coloproctology and Herniology.

He has more than 20 scientific works, 15 from which are published articles in Bulgarian and International magazines and is a regular participant in national and international forums and congresses of Surgery and Dermatology.