The Bulgarian Dermatosurgical Society for Dermatologic surgery invites all colleagues, friends, dermatologists, dermatosurgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, vascular surgeons, established, as well as young but also future specialists, to attend the fourth national congress of the company on March 12 this year, which will be held at the Marinela Hotel, Sofia.

The Bulgarian Dermatosurgical Society is the organization that for another year will host this forum, in which in addition to the brightly expressed participation of Bulgarian specialists/ young scientists, more and more colleagues from the Balkan region, Europe and countries from all over the world are joining – head of prestigious institutes, wards and modern hospitals engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and rare dermatoses.

This national congress becomes a bridge for partnership, close cooperation and mutual assistance between specialists in the country, but also as an opportunity for direct debate with distinguished scientists from around the world, enabling to expose and discuss our innovative discoveries, hypotheses and observations.

The main goal of the congress is the potentiation and creation of the dermatosurgical society, the motivation and construction of a new wave of young scientists and specialists ( with dermatosurgical focus), which is based entirely on our clinical experience in recent years, but at the same time a direct comparison can be made with experiments of colleagues from other countries.

Congress will set out topics, some of which will be narrowly focused, but many other sectors of dermatology and oncology will be presented, which make it broad-spectrum and provide a prerequisite for interest and expression by a diverse group of specialists.

For the fourth year – The congress follows its idea, which was originally set from its inception, generating themes focusing attention on cancer, skin cancer, in particular skin melanoma, and the steps needed to prevent it – proper diagnosis and treatment.
We emphasize the main lines:

1) Nitrosamines in blood medicines as causative agents of skin tumors.

2) Innovative melanoma surgery

3) Rare skin diseases and syndromes

These questions and many other topics will be commented on in detail.

A wonderful opportunity that will give the beginning of a new understanding about pathogenesis, treatment and the appearance of relapses of skin tumors, and in particular skin melanoma.

Join and become a part of us!

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With respect: Prof. Dr. Georgi Tchernev