Prof Dr Pietro Nenoff from Germany – Again a Lecturer at the 3rd National Congress of the Bulgarian Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 14-15 May, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dr. Pietro Nenoff received his degree as medical doctor (thesis) at the Department of Dermatology of the University of Leipzig, Germany. This was followed by the Ph.D. thesis (habilitation) in 2000: „In vitro investigations of pathogenic fungi. In vitro susceptibility testing of yeasts, in particular Malassezia furfur – and dermatophytes against different antifungals and antiseborrhoeic agents.“ Since 2002 he is working as laboratory physician and dermatologist at his own lab together with the microbiologist Dr. Constanze Krüger. As an irregular professor Dr. Nenoff gives lectures in dermatology (dermatomicrobiology, STI, and mycology) at the Leipzig University. As a guest he gives lectures and seminars as supervisor and lecturer at the Dept. of Dermatology (Skin Clinic), Mbarara University of Science and Health, Mbarara, Uganda, East Africa. Special fields of scientific interests are medical fungi, e. g. dermatophytes, in particular modern diagnostic methods and new taxonomy in dermatomycology.