Neoplasia Research

About Neoplasia Research

Neoplasia Research is a publishing company that has acquired cancer-related research journals from Lifescience Global publishers. Neoplasia Research offers publication services in the ever-evolving field of Oncology. By covering all aspects of research in the field of neoplasia, we aim to keep those battling against neoplastic diseases abreast with ongoing developments in epidemiological, diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic aspects of these conditions.

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We recognize the fast pace of research in different disciplines of neoplasia and value your strenuous efforts and time dedicated to the research by assisting you in the prompt publication of your research work. We at neoplasia research have fortified us by a strong team of intellectual editors and vigilant reviewers to analyze the core material of your research studies as well as a chisel and hone the presentation of your articles bringing your work to the latest advancement level of the research without an undue delay.